District Institute of Education and Training

Uthamachozhapuram, Salem.


The DIET has individually designed Science laboratory for the teaching of Biology, Chemistry and Physics concepts up to higher secondary level. The science lab is equipped with the usual laboratory features such as gas lamps, sinks and electricity sockets together with an extensive range of specialized practical equipment that allow our students to adopt a hands-on approach to discover and understand scientific principles and experimental procedures. The work area is in form of slabs and each student has individual connection of a burner and all reagents and chemicals used during experiments. Adequate Safety measures have been taken by the school in order to get rid of untoward happening in the labs. It is a child-friendly space, neatly carpeted, and interestingly designed with chandeliers that add a tinge of glamour to our institution. Often the lab is used to render training to the teachers in order to update the knowledge and scientific skills as per the Tamil Nadu text book from Class I to XII.