District Institute of Education and Training

Uthamachozhapuram, Salem.


DIET, Salem This laboratory caters for the growing requirements of the students, teachers and faculty members of the DIET. It is connected with the LAN and is used for a wide variety of applications. Access to both offline and online Internet services is available. It provides modern computational and research facilities to both post graduate and research students. It also provides support for parallel and distributed programming. It is equipped with 30 latest computers and remains busy during all working days. Required printing and scanning facilities are available to all its users.

The aim of this laboratory is to provide required computing and simulations facilities to the undergraduate students in order to meet their requirements of computer engineering profession. The main emphasis is to do the project work on designing electronics and digital circuits using latest application packages such as MATLAB, PSPICE, Mathematics, Visual C++, Visual Basic and other engineering packages which are heavily used by the undergraduate students.